Center's Sections

TOIC comprises four main halls:

1. Users & Electronic Research Hall:

Provides library and information services, and supplies visitors with most updated studies, researches and information, in addition to books, periodicals & audiovisual materials classification & indexing, besides electronic lending services.

2. Books & Periodicals Hall, comprising the following sections:

  1. General Books Section: contains many available books across all religious, legal, political, social, historical & art fields of knowledge. This section contains more than 13 thousand titles.
  2. Research & Study Section
  3. Statistics Section
  4. Periodicals Section
  5. Emirates Group Section
  6. Minutes & Official Gazette

3. Reading Hall:

It contains a set of computer systems for researchers use as part of library contents.

4. Audiovisual Library Hall:

Contains more than 700 CDs in different fields, including FNC 1st legislative session minutes from 1972 till the last session, in addition to details of FNC participations in different local, regional & global events, FNC news & documentaries, in addition to different statistics.

TOIC contains also an electronic portray of FNC.